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Airsmart Solutions offers a comprehensive program to boost your marketing results, both online and offline. And, you'll begin to see success instantly. Here is a brief overview of the services we offer and how it will help you experience immediate ROI.
Smart Call Solutions
In-Bound Call Monitoring
  On average, HVAC contractors spend about $300 to get a new customer. If you are like most, you don't want to let even one of those calls slip away. How many times has your receptionist or dispatcher:
  • Missed a call?
  • Failed to deliver the right information to a customer?
  • Or simply couldn't convert the caller to an appointment?
  And how effective is your after-hours answering service at doing any of this? You might be surprised. Many contractors have no idea just how much business they are losing every day.

Now you can capture every call and stop the loss! Our In-Bound Call Monitoring tool records* every one of your in-bound calls so you get accurate information. It gives you clear intelligence to improve your customer service efforts and the number of calls you convert to in-home appointments. In fact, we found that monitoring our calls actually doubled our sales leads without spending an extra dime in more advertising.

*Where allowed by law.
Campaign Tracking
  Do you know which of your marketing efforts are driving the most sales and which are falling short?
Many contractors would answer this question with, "sort of" or, "not really." Even if you utilize special coupon codes, unique offers, or even unique phone numbers between your yellow page, direct mail, radio, cable TV, Internet, and other media vehicles, it can be confusing and expensive to monitor exactly what's working.
  Airsmart Solutions takes the guess work out by offering you an exclusive, affordable tracking system that shows exactly which marketing tools are driving your business. You can track:
  • Where the calls are coming from
  • Which of those calls convert into sales, and...
  • How to increase your overall call volume.
  And the best part is...all of this valuable information is available to you in an easy-to-use online tool, which you can access any time of day or night.
Bionic Click Solutions
Bionic Click Manager
  Give your online marketing efforts a power boost! Our exclusive Bionic Click Manager tool pulls down the magic curtain to reveal exactly how customers are finding you online and which ad tools are getting them to call. By adding this tool to your online marketing program, you can:
  • Track which keywords customers typed in to find your listing
  • Which online ads pulled in the most calls
  • How many of those calls converted into an appointment offline
  • And how much money your technicians brought in from that call
  Don't waste another dollar on ineffective online advertising. With this valuable intelligence, you can direct more of your online marketing budget to those keywords and ads that are delivering the most phone calls to your business and pulling in the most sales to achieve better ROI.
Bionic Website Templates
  If you have not yet entered the world of Internet marketing, or if you already have a website that is doing little, if anything, to drive quality leads, then we can help!

Our tested and proven website templates have been designed to drive HVAC sales. With this solution, you'll get a professional site featuring your business name, logo, and contact information along with specific copy and conversion tools we know drive calls. Partnered with our Smart Call Tracking tool, you'll see immediate results of how many new leads you are generating every day.
Direct Marketing Toolkit

Have you tried to generate sales leads by sending out direct mail letters with little or no results? What about telemarketing to customers during the Spring and Fall seasons to ramp up business for A/C and Heating checks?

If you are not using some of these direct marketing strategies to build your business, then you are missing out on valuable sales leads! But, there is a science and an art to doing it right and getting the results you want. We have spent the past 15 years testing and refining a winning direct marketing program that delivers. And we're now making it available to you!

In our Airsmart Direct Marketing Toolkit, you'll get:

  • Direct Mail letters focused on getting you replacement and repair leads during the busiest time of year as well as your off-season slower months.
  • Out-bound telemarketing scripts designed to begin a rewarding relationship with your customers to schedule heat and cooling checks as well as sell service agreements.
  • In-bound telemarketing scripts which help you solidly convert calls to in-home appointments.
It's easy to get started. Simply call and order your Airsmart Direct Marketing Toolkit today, and we'll send it right to your door.
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